Prima Bella® Canine Russian Amber Oil Shampoo

Prima Bella® Canine Russian Amber Oil Shampoo


Russian Amber Oil Canine Shampoo - 16 0z. (473ml) $18.95 

Our shampoos do not contain sulfates nor do they contain any parabens, yet they still yield a wonderful foaming ability. Prima Bella® Russian Amber Oil Shampoo for dogs will

rejuvenate and revitalize the hair! Russian Amber Oil Shampoo is a highly concentrated and honey-thick. It is a SULFATE AND PARABEN FREE shampoo that is boosted with pure, high levels of botanical extracts and plant proteins! Our luxurious shampoo has a very rare essential oil derived from semi-precious, 35 million year old, amber rock, and is known to have calming and healing effects. The glorious essential oil fragrance is exquisite, and has been treasured by royalty for centuries. 

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