Prima Bella® Peppermint Shampoo

Prima Bella® Peppermint Shampoo


• Peppermint Oil​ ​ ​ Shampoo​ - 32 oz.

Our Peppermint shampoo has a generous amount of peppermint oil to help promote hair growth, as well as cool and stimulate the tissue. Peppermint oil is a natural component that repels insects.Prima Bella®  Peppermint Oil Shampoo

Prima Bella® Peppermint Oil Shampoo is invigorating and refreshing! This generously formulated shampoo, is a thick concentrate shampoo that makes horses so happy to have their bath!  It is a heavy natural base, that has a generous amount of Peppermint oil to help stimulate hair growth, and leaves a cool refreshing feeling on the skin!  While it lifts dirt and oil on the surface, it leaves hair clean and shiny!  Horses love Peppermint, so why not spoil them with a Peppermint Bath!

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